APM – Application Performance

Application Performance – The Bottom Line

  • Rapid Assessment & Analysis of Application, Server and Network Performance Issues
  • Review, Capture, Baseline and Improve YOUR Applications
  • Insure Standards Based Compliance
  • Enable Direct Improvements without Expensive Shotgun Upgrades that do not Provide Desired Performance Improvements
  • Best Practices involving WAN Acceleration

iPoint Networks will analyze the current state of the clients’ targeted application and network, assess and analyze the clients network infrastructure, application traffic and its sessions. This detailed assessment identifies where true performance issues lie and provides a detailed remediation path. Instrumentation from top vendors involving APM, EUEM and network monitoring devices and software is used.

Application Performance Assessment

Overview: This assessment redefines how companies visualize, monitor, report, and troubleshoot application performance by combining user experience, network metrics, and application data itself into a comprehensive view. Historical traffic analysis of the targeted Layer 5-7 applications can be captured as data passes through VM and WAN/LAN networks. Now operational teams can analyze a single source of truth to accelerate troubleshooting and optimize infrastructure. The comprehensive report summarizes the findings, identifies any issues and provides the guidance to optimize the applications and/or infrastructure itself.

Specific goals:

  • Identify application performance issues with actionable intelligence
  • View traffic from server to end-user to uncover latency issues and poor user experience
  • Provide key stakeholders with critical metrics and meaningful data
  • Make recommendations to improve performance using data analyzed
  • Develop a list of steps to remediation of issues found during the assessment
  • Identify server and application coding or design issues (Custom service request only)

Business Challenge:

Effectively managing application performance in today’s hybrid enterprise requires deep and broad visibility across complex networks and hosting environments. Yet many enterprises take a fragmented approach to managing applications relying on a variety of tools, often from different vendors, to monitor and troubleshoot application performance. This leaves the IT organization stuck in silos—each team with a different perspective of the issue.

Without a central view to collaborate and share data across these teams, IT engineers can spend a significant amount of time analyzing data and performance metrics, and ultimately arrive at different and often conflicting conclusions about the cause of performance problems. The result is the creation of a “war room,” where resources are drained from strategic initiatives, valuable time is wasted pointing fingers, and stakeholders are unable to get status on critical application performance.

Service will include:

  • Review of existing environment
  • Document customer’s concerns and target appropriate areas for analysis
  • Baseline the existing server/application architecture and evaluate customer’s current available toolsets and determine if additional tools will be required to perform a thorough analysis
  • Review current WAN/LAN network/application/VM documentation (diagrams, architectural designs, procedures, etc.) to deploy packet capture appliance as appropriate
  • Analyze the environment for issues:
  • Perform data analysis using toolsets as established above
  • Collect data and create a “hit list” of issues discovered
  • Analyze captured data to develop recommendations and remedial steps

Specific deliverables

  • Comprehensive environment specific reports provided for the period of time data was collected
  • Periodic status updates and noted concerns during the data capture and analysis
  • Project specific analysis and actionable recommendations presented to stakeholders in the appropriate format