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Active Cyber Defense System

SlashNext’s Active Cyber Defense System protects your network from known and unknown (zero-day) attacks using a proprietary form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) called Progressive Learning – the only form of machine learning specifically designed to detect today’s advanced web based phishing, data theft and malware attacks including the latest incarnations of sophisticated ransomware.

Unlike other products that depend on known signatures or sandbox rules, the Active Cyber Defense System uses the power of the cloud to directly examine a network flow and actively probe the source of an attack – essentially emulating what a human cyber security researcher does when dissecting zero-day attacks. The result is a system whose detection capabilities go far beyond traditional sandbox or signature based approaches.

Because detection does not rely on data payload, the Active Cyber Defense System is equally effective whether monitoring encrypted (SSL, TLS) or un-encrypted traffic – no need for a “man-in-the-middle” appliance to decrypt and re-encrypt traffic. And, because the system does not need to examine payload, your data stays within your network.

The Active Cyber Defense System produces a single infected / not infected verdict for each end-point in your network. This breaks with the legacy model of presenting IT staff with many weak signals in the form of different alert types. Our single verdict accurately pin points every infected machine on the network and provides the forensic evidence needed by IT staff and incident response teams to take appropriate action. The result: less noise, more action.

iPoint, using this advanced product will perform security assessments on your network. This product does not interfere with existing security devices and in fact compliments and adds to overall security. This product catches what is missing by existing security devices. Integration with FW/IPS is done with API for most vendor products.


  • Near zero false positives – no noise – single definitive verdict for each end point
  • Superior detection of polymorphic and zero day attacks using progressive learning AI
  • Simple network based deployment – no software required on end points
  • Support for all versions of Windows®, MAC, iOS, Linux, Android and IoT end points
  • Integrated threat intel
  • SSL/HTTPS/TLS support
  • Zero latency
  • Available in 100 Megabit to 10 Gigabit configurations
  • Management interface through Cisco IOS compliant command line interface (CLI), web browser, or native iOS app for iPhone and iPad
  • Native Multi Tenancy supports up to 4000 branch offices separated by VLANS or subnet ranges with ability to define a dedicated admin for each branch and specify roles and scope for each admin

Active Cyber Defense System
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